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What do I need to know about walking reservations?

In an effort to make booking walks easier for both our Guests and Hosts, Guests can now send a Reservation Request for walking bookings — instead of a General Inquiry.

Guests can send a sitting Reservation Request from:

  • Your profile page
  • Their Guest dashboard
  • Their Past Host section

Reservation Requests are based on your 30 minute walking rate.

As a Host, you can accept the Reservation Request by clicking on the green "Accept" button. If you need to customize the booking for a longer walk or additional services, you can still send a Custom Quote.

The cancellation policy for walking reservations is the same as daycare reservations: Guests will receive a full refund (minus any service fees) if the cancellation is made 1 day prior to the start of the Vacay and 50% thereafter.

A few other things to note:

  • Holiday rates are not applied to walking reservations.
  • If you are opted in to Instant Book, Guests matching your preferences will be able to Instant Book walking reservations.
  • Walking bookings are not counted in your maximum dog limit. When you accept a walking reservation, the number of available spots will not change on your calendar.
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