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What is holiday pricing and how does it work?

The holidays are peak booking periods — and every available spot matters to Guests when you're providing premium, in-home care. We've built a new feature to easily and automatically allow Hosts to charge just a bit more over those critical holiday periods.

What is holiday pricing?

  • An optional feature that will automatically add $5/day to any Reservation Request service for the holiday period.
    • Reservation Request services include: Boarding, sitting and daycare.
  • Holiday periods are defined by DogVacay and cannot be changed.
  • If a reservation has any days that fall within the holiday period, the entire length of the reservation request will be subject to the holiday pricing rate.
Holiday Date Range in which Holiday Rate is Applied
 Thanksgiving  Mon 11/21 - Sat 11/26
 Christmas & New Year's Eve  Mon 12/19 - Sun 1/1/17
 Memorial Day  Fri 5/26 - Sun 5/28
 Fourth of July  Sun 7/2 - Tue 7/4
 Labor Day  Fri 9/1 - Sun 9/3
 Thanksgiving 2017  Mon 11/20 - Sat 11/25
 Christmas & New Year's Eve 2017  Mon 12/18 - Mon 1/1/18 


How do I add holiday pricing?

How will Guests see the holiday price?

  • Guests will see your holiday price in search results and on your profile if they send a request containing a date within the holiday period. It will automatically show them the holiday price instead of your regular rate.
  • Upon checkout, they will see the rate listed as Holiday Boarding, Holiday Sitting, or Holiday Daycare.

Coming soon:

  • Coming soon, you'll be able to set your choice of holiday price! We'll let you know once that option is live.


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