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What are Testimonials For Hosts?

We've come out with a new feature to add to Host's profiles, called Testimonials!

What are Testimonials?

As a Host, Testimonials can help to jumpstart your success on DogVacay and convey your experience to potential Guests. They are statements made by others that speak to your experience as a dog sitter. Testimonials can come from friends, family or former clients who are familiar with your skills.

Note: Testimonials help to highlight your previous experience and help recommend you based on that experience. They are different from Reviews, which result from a Guest's booking and include a star rating the experience.

How do I request a Testimonial?

  1. On your Profile, under the Experience & Skills section, are the Request Testimonials fields. 

  2. You can enter at least one email address and click the Request Testimonials buttonYou can ask for Testimonials at any time by heading back to your Profile.


  3. An email is then sent out to your friend, which asks them to write a Testimonial on your behalf. 

  4. Once your friend writes your Testimonial, it will appear on your public Profile under a new section called Testimonials. It will also appear to potential Guests when they search.


               If you are ready, click on your Profile and request your first Testimonial now! 



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