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What should I include on my Host profile if I'm sitting at a Guest's home?

1. An enticing listing title.

Your listing title is the name of your business. Guests will see this title in search results, and on your profile page. Some things you might want to consider including are:

  • Your First Name
  • Your Dog's Name
  • Your Location / Neighborhood  

Get as creative with this as you like! Some examples are:

  • Downtown Dog House
  • Playtime with Bella
  • Sarah's Sitting Services

2. At least 5-10 high-quality photos:

Did You Know: You can upload up to 50 photos to your DogVacay listing?

Guests love to see the type of experience that their dog will have while in your care. The best profiles paint this picture for the Guests even before they send a message, and one of the best ways to do this is through your photos.

While the minimum number of photos to get your profile approved is 3, our most successful Hosts have a MINIMUM of 5-10 high-quality photos, including:

  • Exterior shots of areas that you might take Guest pets for a walk.

  • Action shots of you with your pets or other pets you've watched (showing Guests just how much attention their pets will receive!).

  • Photos of resident pets or previous Guest pets.

Important Tip: In addition to high-quality listing photos, you'll want to be sure to have well-cropped profile and main photo. For tips on these photos, click here.

3. A well-written listing description:

Your listing description is truly your opportunity to sell your services. Here, you'll want to put in to words the experience that you showed in pictures above. Be specific and tell your Guests just why they should book with you, but also be sure to clarify which Guests aren't the best fit. Some things to include:

  • Skills or experience that you have. Do you have experience with rescue dogs? What about dogs with separation anxiety? Have you cared for senior or disabled dogs in the past? Some Guests will look specifically for Hosts who have these and other skills.
  • A breakdown of what services your pricing includes. Are you available to stay overnight in the Guest's home? Can you make multiple check-ins throughout the day? List any house-sitting related services you are also willing to provide (i.e. collecting the mail, watering plants, etc.).
  • Traits or behaviors that you cannot accommodate. Unable to watch dogs that are not spayed/neutered? Dogs who aren't house trained? Dogs who aren't good around children? Let your Guests know to prevent unwanted inquiries!

Important Note: Proper capitalization, grammar, and punctuation make a good impression with Guests. Avoid using emoticons/emojis, as these may not display properly on all devices.

4. A competitive price:

When you first start out Hosting, your price is one of the clearest things you can change to set yourself apart from competition that will tend to have more reviews and repeat Guests. We recommend doing a search for your zip code and pricing yourself 10-20% lower than your competitors

  • This will help you to build your business, and you can always raise your price once you've started to get more 5-star reviews and a solid reputation.

5. Some great testimonials and reviews: 

Getting a first review can be one of the biggest challenges for new DogVacay Hosts, but also a crucial milestone in launching your business. Testimonials are a great way to let Guests know about your previous experience as a sitter before you get your first DogVacay review. Learn more about requesting testimonials here.

And click here to read our article on these four tips for getting your first review:

  • Offer Discounts to Family and Friends!
  • Give Handwritten Thank You Notes
  • Send a Polite Reminder
  • Offer Future Discounts
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