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Four Simple Tips to Keep an Up-to-Date Calendar

Updating your calendar helps prevent Guests from reaching out when you're not available, and keeps you from unnecessarily declining requests you didn't want in the first place. We've got four simple tips to keep your calendar up-to-date.

1. Update your calendar on the go via the DogVacay app.

Download our mobile app here to manage your DogVacay account, including your calendar, on the go.

From the app you can do the following things:

Update your daily availability

Mark your calendar as "Up to Date" every week, even if your availability hasn't changed.

Take yourself out of search results so new Guests can't contact you if you're taking a break or only Hosting repeat Guests.

2. Confirm your weekend availability via text.

If you’re opted into text messaging, it’s as simple as replying “In” or “Out” to let us know if you’re available for the upcoming weekend.

If you’re available that weekend, we’ll even highlight your profile with an "Available this Weekend" banner in search results!

3. Update your calendar from your dashboard — and set up extended availability.

From your dashboard, you can also “Mark Calendar as Up to Date” or “Change My Availability” which allows you to set availability for single days or extended periods.

If your calendar is up-to-date, simply click the “Updated” button to let both DogVacay and potential Guests know your availability is current.


To change your availability, follow these steps:

  • Click on "Change My Availability."
  • Select whether you're Unavailable or Available.
  • Select the date range.
  • Click save.

4. Update your calendar from the calendar tab in your account.

On the calendar page of your account, you can do the following things:

  • Make yourself visible or hidden in search results for NEW Guests
  • Confirm your availability for the weekend.
  • Mark your calendar as up to date.
  • Select specific days as available or not.

By doing these simple things you help potential Guests and yourself!

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