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What are the numbers on my Dashboard? What do they mean?

Here at DogVacay, we want all of our Hosts to be as successful as they can possibly be! In an effort to help you understand your performance as a host, you have visibility to three key metrics on your dashboard: Response Time, Booking Rate, and Repeat Bookings.

Response Time

Your Response Time is a running average of how long it takes you to respond to new Guest inquiries. Only the last 5 new Guest inquiries are counted in your Response Time. Guests will see your Response Time on your profile and in search results.

To maintain a consistent, premium Guest experience, we require all Hosts to respond to every Guest inquiry within 24 hours. However, if you respond in 30 minutes or less, your Guest is 50% more likely to book with you! The quicker you can respond to messages, the more appealing you will be to guests who want timely updates while their pup is on vacay!

Want more tips about how to maintain your Response Time? Check out our support article on responsiveness policies!

Booking Rate

Your Booking Rate is the percent of new Guests who contact you that end up booking with you. Only the last 10 new Guests who reach out to you are counted in this metric. Only you can see your Booking Rate on your Host Dashboard; Guests are not able to see this on your profile or in search results.

It is important to know that DogVacay does not expect Hosts to maintain a 100% Booking Rate. The best ways to improve your Booking Rate are to update your dog preferences, keep your availability accurate, and engage well when new Guests contact you - by responding quickly, professionally, and accepting the booking when it's a good match. Over time, keeping your Booking Rate as high as possible will help improve your ranking in search.

Repeat Bookings

Repeat Bookings shows you the number of Repeat Bookings from your Guests over the last four months. It's a measure of the repeat business you're building on the site and our best measure of a Host who is providing a great experience. Guests can see your Repeat Guests count on your profile and in search results.

The best way to build repeat business is by providing great Vacay experiences for your Guests. This includes everything from responding quickly to the first inquiry to providing regular photo updates throughout the stay to engaging with your Guests after the Vacay has ended.

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