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What is a Custom Quote?

Custom Quotes are a great tool for Hosts to create customer-specific pricing. If you'd like to offer a Guest a special boarding rate that's different from the one listed on your profile or charge for any services other than overnight boarding or daycare (i.e. walking, sitting in the Guest's home, training), you can simply reply to their message with a Custom Quote.

How It Works:

  1. A Guest first sends a Reservation Request to the Host using the 'Request Reservation' button on the Host's profile (you can also reply to General Inquiries and Meet-n-Greet requests with Custom Quotes).

  2. Once you receive the Reservation Request, you'll have the option to accept the request, decline the request, request more information from the Guest, or reply with a Custom Quote.

  3. Click to expand the "Reply with a Custom Quote" section. Here, you'll be able to modify details of the Guest's Reservation. Select what service the Custom Quote is for, update the dates and total price, and include a message. To set clear expectations, break down any changes to the rate or services offered in the message box.

  4. When the Host sends the updated Custom Quote, the Guest sees a Pending Custom Quote on the Dashboard section of their account that they must accept before the Vacay begins.

  5. Ready for the reservation? If your CQ still has a pending status be sure you remind your Guest to accept it before drop off. A Vacay is only confirmed and covered by the protection plan once the CQ is accepted. If the Guest arrives for drop off without having accepted the CQ, you can have a tablet or the DogVacay app available for them to accept on the spot before leaving.

Once accepted you'll both receive a booking confirmation. Now, you can prepare for your Vacay

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