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How to Avoid July 4 Dangers

Independence Day is a very different experience when you’re a dog. Lots of loud noises, strange visitors, new locations, tempting but dangerous foods and a change in routine can make the holiday stressful.

Avoid putting your Guest and resident pups at risk by following our simple safety tips.

Prevent bolting during fireworks: Preparation is key.

Fireworks can be a terrifying experience for dogs and can cause them to react in very unexpected ways such as jumping tall fences, digging out of yards, or even attempting to break through windows to escape the sound.

Do the following things to prepare:

  • Ask the pup parent for tips on easing the dog's anxiety if they know they're scared of fireworks. 
  • Double check ID tags. Having ID on a Guest is critical in the case of an emergency.
    • No ID tags? Use masking tape looped around their collar with your contact info written on it.
  • Take pups on a very long walk or play session to wear them out before fireworks begin...a tired dog is a less anxious dog.
  • Secure a room or the entire house with locked windows and doors to keep pups in once fireworks begin.  
  • Keep Kongs or pet-parent approved chews on hand to keep pups mentally distracted during fireworks.
  • If a pup wants to hide under the couch, bed or somewhere else and the space is safe, allow them to do so. Don't force them out of their comfort zone.
  • Most importantly, stay calm and act normal. Overly soothing an anxious dog can be a cue to them that something is truly wrong and reinforce the behavior.
  • We HIGHLY recommend AGAINST having Guest dogs outside during any firework display, no matter your comfort level or history with the dog.

Don’t unleash!

NEVER take a Guest off leash in unsecure areas. All it takes is one squirrel or loud noise for a pup to bolt. Do not remove leashes until safely behind locked doors.

If a pup is nervous, keep them on leash even when in the yard. In a matter of seconds a frightened dog can dig under or jump out of what seems like a secure yard.

Don’t leave pups unattended in outdoor spaces or yards!

It takes a matter of seconds for a pup to be startled by fireworks and attempt to escape. It's critical that you have eyes on your Guests while they're enjoying any outdoor time.

Avoid accidental ingestions.

Dogs will put anything in their mouth they can reach - especially human food, drinks, or chew-worthy items. It's hugely dangerous and easily preventable.

Scan your home for pup-level dangers and move them out of reach.

Prevent dehydration.

Warm temperatures and play time can quickly lead to dehydrated pups. Make sure Guests have ample access to water and are drinking it regularly.

See the signs of a dehydrated dog here.

Separation anxiety: The first 24-48 hours.

Signs of anxiety may include crying, loss of appetite, and diarrhea. Don't worry though, it normally subsides quickly.

Take the pup on a long walk to burn the anxious energy off and check out article full of tips to help ease separation anxiety.

In case of emergency, contact DogVacay.

If a Guest is sick, gets injured or lost, call DogVacay immediately at (855) 364-8222!

We have amazing emergency support ready to provide you with the answers, tips, and help that you need in any situation.

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