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4 Pro Tips for a Profitable Holiday

The weeks leading up to a peak holiday can be the most profitable booking days for a Host- if you know what to do! Take these simple actions to maximize your holiday profitability.

1. Confirm your holiday availability.

Use the Confirmed Availability feature to highlight your availability to Guests searching for a Host over the holiday.

To do this:

  • Click on "Confirm Your Availability"
    • Update your upcoming weekend availability and click "Done"
    • Update your Fourth of July availability and click "Done"
  • We'll highlight you in search results!

2. Respond in less than 30 minutes.

By responding in less than 30 minutes, you double the chance a Guest will book with you. As the holiday approaches, Guests will be more anxious about finding the right Host quickly. 

Respond on the go via text- you can opt in here.

3. Update your dog preferences and Booking Policy.

Make sure Guests know the important information about you as a Host:

  • Sizes accepted
  • Ages accepted
  • Breed exclusions
  • Minimum days notice for bookings

Update your preferences here.

4. Put your best photos forward.

Two photos are shown in search results, and these photos have a huge impact on Guest impressions.

  • Profile photo should clearly show your face
  • Main photo should either highlight your home or something unique about your as a Host

Ensure your profile photo and main photo convey the warmth and fun of a Vacay with you.

Update your photos here.

Taking these four simple steps can make a big difference when potential Guests are considering a Host for their first summer Vacay. In turn, a great first experience leads to your future Repeat Guests!

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