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Reviews: How DogVacay helps and tips for getting more.

We know that reviews are an important factor in how new Guests evaluate potential Hosts. Your star rating and reviews are shown on your profile, and the combination of these two things can really help put Guests at ease when they see the amazing things other pet parents have said about you. 

We do some things to make it easy for Guests to leave you a review, and there are some things you can do to ensure Guests want to leave you a 5-star review.

What does DogVacay do to help you get reviews?

  • An email is sent 48 hours after the Vacay to prompt a review.
    • If no review is left, an additional reminder email is sent 24 hours later.
  • There is a dashboard notification prompting Guests to review you, via the main site.
  • Push notifications are sent to prompt Guests to review you, via the app.
  • You can send your Guest the link below at any time to leave a review.

What can you do to get 5-star reviews?

  • Be responsive!
    • It starts with the very first message, continues during the stay and includes a follow-up message after the Vacay. We know that finding a Host who's detailed and quick in communicating is incredibly important to Guests.
  • Send unprompted updates.
    • Guests don't want to ask for updates. Letting them know their pup is having a great time through photos and text updates will put them at ease and make them want to book again.
  • Provide excellent, thorough care.
    • Follow through on the care described in your description and Booking Policy.
    • Follow all Guest instructions.
  • Thank Guests for their business.
    • Tell your Guests how much you enjoyed watching their pup, and thank them for trusting you to care for their pet. 

How do you ask for a review?

Providing a 5-star experience is the best way to ensure a review. But here are a few ways to help remind Guests why reviews are important.

  • Send a message via DogVacay a few days after the Vacay.
    • Follow up with the Guest to see how their pup has settled back in.
    • Share a Vacay story.
    • Thank Guests again for their business. 
    • Let them know how much a review would mean to you and share how they can do it (via the email from DogVacay or the link from above).
  • Write a thank you note.
    • Include a thank you note with the pup's belongings at pick up.
    • Mention that leaving a review would help other pet owners get to know you, just as they did.
    • If you're a less comfortable with direct communication, a note allows you to get the message across and add a personal touch.
  • Ask for a review at pick up.
    • The happy moment when a Guest is reunited with their pup after a great Vacay is a good time to politely ask for a review for the excellent services you've provided. But read the situation. If everyone's rushed, consider a follow-up message. 
  • Here are a few talking points you can use when asking for a review:
    • Reviews help other pet parents get to know the kind and level of care you provide.
    • Reviews are incredibly helpful to you in your efforts to build your pet care business.

These simple tips are sure to help you get more reviews, which help you get more Guests. Plus, you'll have a lasting memory of all the great Vacays you've had!

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