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What are some tips to building strong relationships with my Guests?

When it comes to offering great service (to both 2-legged and 4-legged customers), DogVacay Hosts are some of the best experts. We asked our Hosts to provide us with their tips on building strong Guest relationships and repeat business.

Below are 10 tips from real DogVacay Hosts!

  • I know they are only comfortable with him being the only guest here and I respect that. The owners requested a daycare reservation while I had a boarding guest once- I let them know, and they politely declined. When they booked their last daycare, I made sure to mark myself as unavailable after I confirmed, so no other guests requested that day. I believe it is the little things (and transparency) that make you stand out as a host. Mackenzie has stayed with us at least four times, so something is working!
    • Veronica L. (Los Angeles, CA)
  • We ask for detailed descriptions and instructions about each pup's daily routines and preferences so our furry guests can feel at home with us. The majority of our regulars are rescue dogs, and they often have unique challenges that can be worked on in our "camp" setting. We love to send updates that show these dogs overcoming any issues they may have. Owners of shy or anxious dogs are especially happy to see their pups making new friends - two-legged and four! Most of our dogs want to socialize and we work very hard to play matchmaker and even suggest playdates to give them the best vacay experience possible.
    • Cheryl & Carmen A. (Pacifica, CA)
  • It takes me a while to edit and process photos. I have found that saving a few good photos to send the day after a dog has gone home, with a little note about "here are a few more photos of ----" and how I hope the dog is resting up after the vacay, or how I look forward to the next...clients thank me, saying it brightened their first day back at work.
    • Chrystal H. (Dallas, TX)
  • The day after your first-time guest pup gets picked up, post a photo of him/her in your slideshow. Then text/message the pup’s parents thanking them for choosing you as a host, mentioning how much you enjoyed their pup, and informing them that you’ve included their dog in your profile page’s slideshow. Include your Pack Promoter URL in the body of the message. Most people will share it on social media with a blurb about how much they loved your services.
    • Deborah S. & Rafael R. (Los Angeles, CA)
  • I send all my dog vacationers home wearing a snazzy handkerchief! 
    • Lauren T. (Navarre, FL)
  • I never misspell an animal’s name. As a vet tech of 20 years and pet owner myself, how a name is thought up, how it's spelled, and what nickname the owner prefers is vital. It creates trust between owner and caregiver that the details are important.
    • Beth C. (Terrace, WA)
  • I'm a pet sitter, specializing in the care of animals with medical needs who are better off in their own living spaces. I maintain medication, feeding and all care routines, often using a checklist to ensure all meds and treatments are done. I change drinking water several times a day. I let the animal approach me when ready, giving us time to bond. My relationship with a dog's humans is as much a part of this experience as my relationship with the dog. I keep an eye out should a non-dog issue, like a leak or repair issue arise. I clean kitchens and bathrooms. It's not unusual for me to hear that the dog and the living space look better when humans get home. 
    • J. J. M. (New York, NY)
  • We all know that the 'meet and greet' sets the stage by allowing the pet to check out your place in the company of parent and you. When the pet is dropped off and the parent gets to the airport, there is often a period of separation anxiety. Typically, the dog will stand by the door and whimper. Answer? Distraction. Toys and play, but the most immediate is a food treat, assuming it meets the dog's diet requirements presented with a soothing voice. And then a long sniffy walk. For me, I have to remember that no matter how much we bond, when the owner gets back, I'm like yesterday's toast.
    • Bijou O. (San Francisco, CA)
  • I always call or text the next day to see how the dog is and the parents. I communicate with them all through the stay by text or phone. I always send photos and post videos on Facebook.
    • Nancy C. (Venice, FL)
  • I treat every dog as if it were my own. I give them a lot of love and exercise.
    • Shelly B. (Naples, FL)
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