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What happens if I need to cancel on a Guest?

DogVacay takes Host cancelations very seriously. These cancelations create a very difficult situation for the Guest and their pet. As a Host, ensuring Guest satisfaction is the top priority.

Because of this, canceling on Guests can negatively impact your visibility in search, leading to fewer bookings. Repeat offenses can lead to additional action taken against your account. 

To prevent cancelations, Hosts should:

  • Keep your calendar up to date and organized. Remove yourself from search during times you are planning a vacation, visiting family member, or on call for any reason. If you do accept the Reservation, your Guest is depending on you!
  • Make sure you have received adequate information about the dog before accepting a Reservation. If you are uncomfortable with specific breeds, be sure to update your preferences.
  • Be clear on your profile about any traits, behaviors, or conditions that you can or cannot accomodate.

In the event that you do need to cancel on a Guest, please notify DogVacay immediately. We can be reached at 855-364-8222. This will allow us time to reach out to the Guest and make sure their DogVacay experience remains a good one.

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