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Has DogVacay made any changes to improve my Booking Rate and Repeat Bookings?

Yes. In addition to helping Hosts to improve their Booking Rate and Repeat Bookings through initiatives like the Host Success Center, our team has begun to make improvements to the DogVacay platform. 

Even more changes are coming soon!

New Guests (Booking Rate):

When Guests search for Hosts on the DogVacay website, they now receive pop-ups asking them for their location, dates, and information about their dog.

This helps to ensure that we only match them with Hosts who are able to accomodate them.

Not only does this provide for a better Guest experience, it also means fewer unwanted inquiries for Hosts - and an improved Booking Rate.

Coming soon: more detailed age breakdowns + spayed/neutered status!

Repeat Guests (Repeat Bookings):

When a past Guest comes to the DogVacay site, they shouldn't have to use search to find their Host. They have already found someone they love, and it should be as simple as possible for them to re-book.

That's why we have introduced the new "Guest Dashboard."

As soon a Guests log into DogVacay, they now see their "Past Hosts" and are given the option to make a Reservation - all without having to navigate the site.

For Hosts who have opted in to Instant Book, Guests will be able to select the "Instant Book" option.


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