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The 10 Photos Guests Want to See

Building relationships with Guests starts even before the message you. From the moment they see your profile photo in search results, they will start to imagine what type of Host you are.

Below, you will find general photo tips, as well as 10 of the most important photos to include on your profile.

General Tips: 

  • Photos should be high-quality. Avoid pictures that are blurry, grainy, or have poor lighting. Wait to take photos during the day and open curtains to let natural light in.
  • Photos should accurately represent your home. Feel free to tidy up, but don't create unrealistic expectations. 
  • Photos should highlight the Guest experience. After seeing your photos, Guests should have a good idea of what their dog's Vacay will be like.

10 Important Photos: 

1. Profile Photo - It’s what potential Guests see in search.

  • Guests want to see the person who will be watching their pup.
  • This photo should be up close, smiling, and unobstructed (no sunglasses/hats)
  • This should be a square photo, with you being the focal point.
  • Click here for more info on arranging your Profile Photo.


2. Main Photo - It's the first photo Guests see on your profile and the first photo they see on smartphones. 

  • This should be your most impactful photo- highlight what it's like to Vacay with you whether it's a photo of your snuggling on the couch with pups or an inviting spot dogs love to relax in in your home.

3. Resident Pet Photos - Include dogs and other pets as well.

  • These photos show Guests the playmates that their dogs can expect to interact with.
  • Resident dogs can be added in the "My Home" section of your Host profile.
  • Other pets (including cats, birds, etc) should be included in the "Photos" section.


4. Living Space - Where do pets hang out?

  • This is likely the living area of your home. If you have a special place where dogs hang out (such as an extra big sofa), be sure to show it off!


5. Sleeping Space - Where do pets sleep?

  • Be sure to highlight if you allow pets to sleep on your bed, or if you have an abundance of comfy dog beds.


6. Eating Space - Where do pets eat?

  • This is usually the kitchen area; this shot could be a beautiful shot of your kitchen, or any special dog bowl stations that you may have.


7. Home Exterior - Does your home have any secure, outdoor spaces?

  • Showing fences and gates in the shots shows Guests that your yard is safe for their pets!


8. The Neighborhood - Where will pups go on walks?

  • Highlight any special features about your neighborhood. Dog parks and walking trails are a great thing to show!


9. Puppy Love - How do you interact with dogs?

  • Moments that really show the love between you and your pups are invaluable to giving Guests the peace of mind they need.
  • Don't have your own pup? Make sure to add photos of you and your Guests or you and a pup you know!


10. Puppy Playtime - How do dogs interact with each other? 

  • These photos show Guests to see your ability to manage multiple dogs, and help them to know their dog will fit in with the pack.


Investing a little time in your profile photos will pay off in new Guest inquiries!

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