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Simple Tips for Summer Preparedness

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, with the 4th of July in-between, summer can be a very busy season for DogVacay Hosts! Just a few simple steps can go a long way in making sure that Guests have a great experience, even when things get busy!

Plan Ahead:

Some Guests have already lined up Hosts for their long-planned vacations, while others will need a last-minute Host for a quick weekend getaway. For this reason, it is important to take the following precautionary steps to ensure a smooth booking experience:

  • Make sure your availability is up-to-date in accordance with your own travel plans. Guests are relying on you, and being cancelled on is a very bad experience.
    • REMEMBER: As a Host, canceling on Guests can negatively impact your visibility in search results. 
  • Confirm your availability on weekends and holidays when you are available. In addition to confirmed availability every weekend, we also have special holiday availability options closer to Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and other major holidays. Opt in and we’ll highlight your availability to get you more bookings.
  • Update your preferences and services to make sure you get the right inquiries at the right time. Let us know your dog restrictions, minimum days notice for a booking, and whether or not you require a Meet-n-Greet.

Keep it Safe:

Constant supervision is key to keeping Guest dogs safe and sound all season long. During the summer months, there are a few especially important things to remember:

  • Guest dogs should always be supervised when playing outdoors. Be sure they always have access to drinking water to prevent dehydration. They should not be allowed near swimming pools or ponds, even supervised, without a Guest’s explicit permission.
  • While fun for humans, fireworks and other celebratory sounds can be especially frightening for dogs. Consider setting up a safe, quiet space inside your home where Guest dogs can escape from the festivities.
  • Keep your counters clear and keep an eye out on your picnic baskets. Guest dogs can be relentless when it comes to sneaking food, and many human treats are toxic to dogs.

Go “Back to the Basics”

Between your own plans, last-minute bookings, and the constantly shifting plans of your Guests, don’t forget the basics!

  • Calmly introduce Guest dogs in a neutral location. This includes Meet-n-Greets, as well as drop-offs.
  • Be sure that every Guest dog gets plenty of exercise and attention, and update pup parents along the way!
  • In the event of an emergency, remain calm, contact DogVacay, and take the necessary steps to ensure your Guest dog’s health and safety.
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