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How should I follow up with Guests after a Vacay is over?

A great Vacay doesn't end at pick-up! Be sure to follow up with Guests in the days following their Vacay to check in. This extra step can go a long way in showing just how much you care, and will encourage Guests to come back as repeat customers!

Check in to See How the Pup is Doing

First and foremost, check in to see how your Guest pup is doing now that they are back home. Guests will appreciate knowing that you truly care about the well-being of their dog.

Send More Photos

Save a few of your best photo updates until after the Vacay. You can remind Guests of what a great time their pup had by sending these photos along with your post-Vacay check-in.  

Encourage Guests to Leave a Review

If your Guest seems satisfied with your services, now would be a great time to remind them of how much a great review will help your business. Now that they've gotten home and had a chance to settle in, a quick reminder of the positive experience their pup had might prompt them to leave a great review.

Offer a Discounted Stay

With Custom Quotes, you can offer discounts to Guests, whether they are first-timers or loyal repeats. After a first Vacay, one option is to let your Guest know that you offer a special discount on the second Vacay, so that they can have the "repeat" experience! Some Hosts even offer a discount for every repeat after a certain number of stays. 

Let Guests Know Their Dogs Are Welcome Back

No matter what you offer, the most important thing is to let your Guest know that their dog is welcome back anytime. Be personal in your follow-up and mention something specific about their pup. For example, "I would love to watch Bella again. The way she cuddles up on the couch is so adorable!"

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