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What does it mean to "Confirm Your Availability?"

Confirmed availability is a way for Hosts to highlight themselves in search whenever they are available for the coming weekend. Hosts who opt into confirmed availability see up to a 20% spike in contacts.

Make this a part of your weekly routine for added business on the weekends!

How It Works:


  1. Look for the pop-up on your Dashboard, or click the “Confirm Your Availability” button on your Calendar page.
  2. Available this weekend? Opt in today - and at the start of every week that you have room on the following Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. 
  3. We’ll add a banner to your listing in our search results, so Guests can easily see that you’re available.


  1. We'll send you a text notification at the beginning of each week when you have availability the following weekend.
  2. Reply "IN" and we'll highlight your profile as "Available This Weekend."
  3. Reply "OUT" and we'll mark your calendar "Unavailable" for those days.

Are you opted in to text notifications? Click here to find out and update your preferences.

What It Looks Like:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be available for the entire weekend to use this feature? 

  • Yes. To be "Confirmed Available" for the weekend, you do need to be available for all three days. 

What if I'm not available this weekend?

  • Close the pop-up window, and update your calendar to "Unavailable." Another opportunity is just a week away!

How do I benefit from this?

  • When you confirm your availability, the "Available This Weekend" banner will appear on your search listing for the remainder of the week.
  • Guests will see that you are available for the weekend, and will be more likely to inquire with you than with Hosts who are not confirmed available.  

Confirm My Availability Now

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