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How do I arrange my profile/main photo?

In addition to your listing photos, you also have a main photo and profile photo. These photos are emphasized in search results and are some of the first things that Guests will see on your profile. Make sure to choose high quality photos and adjust your main photo accordingly.

Your Main Photo...

The large photo at the top of your "Photos" page is your main photo. This photo will be visible as a background image on your listing in search results on the DogVacay mobile app and on mobile web (see below):

1. To upload/change your main photo, click the "Change" button.

2. You can also crop and adjust your main photo by clicking the "Adjust" button.

3. Adjust your photo.

  • You can use the "-" and "+" buttons to adjust the zoom on your photo.
  • You can click and drag on the photo to adjust what is cropped by the blue box.
    • The area inside the blue box is what Guests will see on the app and mobile web.

4. Click "Done!"

Your profile photo...


  • Be a close-up view of your face that makes it easy to identify you.
  • Include your partner, if they help with Hosting duties.


  • Be a picture of your dogs.
  • Be a logo or graphic.
  • Be a group photo that makes it hard to identify you.

Don't Cut Corners:

Profile photos are automatically cropped into a circle. To avoid having important pieces of the photo cut off:

  • Use a square photo with your face(s) centered, away from the corners.


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