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What is the most current version of the iPhone app?

Version 4.0. Update your DogVacay iPhone app here.

We’ve released Version 4.0 of our app for iPhone. Download it or get the update here. New features include:

  • A widget for seeing which dogs are arriving and departing today
  • Spotlight search for finding messages by Guest, Host or dog name
  • Stickers for adding to text conversations
  • Apple Pay for Guests at checkout 

Here’s how you can use and/or add these features to your phone. Note: Full functionality requires an iPhone with iOS 10.

Add the DogVacay widget to see which dogs are arriving and departing from your home screen.

To add the widget, swipe from the left across the middle of your home screen. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and then click “edit.”

Add the "DogVacay" widget.

Once added, see who is arriving and leaving today from your home screen (whether it's locked or unlocked). 

To see more information about a reservation, click on the widget and it takes you to the Vacay section of the app.

Use Spotlight search to quickly find Guests or Guest dogs from your home screen.

Start by pulling down from the center of your home screen or widget screen.

Type in the Guest or Guest dog name. We'll show any mentions or interactions associated with those names.

Click on the name to be taken to the conversation in the app.

Add stickers to messages.

While you're writing a text message, click on "A" (the app button) button to pull up the VacayCam sticker keyboard.

To send just a sticker, select it. Then send.

To add stickers to photos you’re sending via iMessage to another iPhone user:

  • Select a photo and send it.
  • Open the sticker keyboard and choose a sticker.
  • Hold your finger on the sticker (a long press) and drag it onto the image in one motion without lifting your finger from the screen. 
  • Make sure the sticker is exactly where you want it before your lift your finger. It’s not possible to reposition the sticker once it’s added.

  • Note: If the person you're sending to doesn't have iOS 10, the sticker will appear as a separate message.

Check out with Apple Pay.

Guests now have an additional way to pay when booking with a smart phone. Apple Pay is linked to the Guest’s credit card. Learn more about Apple Pay here.

Version 3.5

Guest Notes

You can now save notes on any user that you have had a conversation with! For now, this feature is only available on the mobile app.

These notes are only viewable by the user saving them. Your Guests will not be able to see your notes, and neither will other Hosts.

This is a great place for users to save feeding directions, special instructions on the pet, or any notes on the stay for future reference  

  • To add notes, click the “Info” button on the top corner of any conversation.
  • From the Guest’s profile, tap “Add notes here.”
  • Tapping an existing note will take you to a full page view of all the notes you have written on that Guest.



Current Vacays Toggle

You can now adjust your settings to show “On Vacay” messages at the top of your “Messages” screen OR to show messages according to the order they were last responded to. 

  • By default, "On Vacay" messages will be on top (A). Turning off this feature will sort messages by most recent response (B).


Instant Book 

Guests can now search for and book with Instant Book Hosts via the iPhone app. 

Confirmed Availability 

When you opt in to “Confirmed Availability” each week, we highlight your profile in search results with a banner that says “Available this weekend.” This banner is now visible when Guests search on the iPhone app.

Version 3.4

New Navigation Bar

The new navigation bar is easier to use than ever, with bold buttons leading you to each section of the app. We've made it clearer to see how many new messages you have, and even let you know when areas of the app have been updated.  


Easier to Access "Calendar."

You'll notice in the screenshot above that we now give you the option to access your Calendar directly from the navigation bar, instead of having to access your account settings. Now it's easier to keep your calendar updated while on-the-go!

"Settings" are now in "Account"

Click "View Account" on the main navigation bar and "Settings" from within the "Account" page.


 "Tap to Accept" from within Messages

We've made it clearer that you can accept Reservation Requests from within your messages. Just tap the request to accept or decline.


New Frames & Stickers!

Spice up your Photo Updates with new higher-quality frames and stickers. 

Longer Video Updates

We now support video updates of up to 30 seconds!





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