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What can I do to turn New Guests into Repeat Guests?

When peak travel seasons have passed, Repeat Guests will help your DogVacay business continue to grow! There are a few simple things you can do to make sure a new Guest turns into a Repeat Guest.

Your Repeat Bookings also affect your visibility in search.

Respond Quickly

Whether it’s the very first General Inquiry or a question during the Vacay, Guests want to know they can easily reach their Host. Responding quickly gives them comfort knowing that you’ll be there if they need you.

Based on Guest feedback, for the best possible experience you should aim to respond within 30 minutes! This is easy to do by opting into text messages here or by downloading our mobile apps here.

Remain Available 

Schedule a Meet-n-Greet OR Ask the Right Questions

A Meet-n-Greet allows you to evaluate a pup’s fit and whether you would be the best caregiver for them. You can talk through any specific needs the pup has, and let the Guest know exactly what a Vacay with you would be like.

Download our Meet-n-Greet Form to make sure you get all the pertinent information! No Time for a Meet-n-Greet? Talk through our Vacay Hosting Form with your Guest to get all the details.

Prepare for the Vacay

Be sure that you’ve collected all the info from the Vacay Hosting Form and confirmed drop-off and pickup times the day before the Vacay begins.

Make a Great First Vacay Impression

Be on time and secure other Guest/resident pups safely in another area of your home. Pup parents tend to be nervous for their first Vacay, so you’ll want to allow for at least 15–20 minutes for a calm and smooth drop-off.

Review the pup’s care routine and ask the Guest how they want to receive updates and how often they want them.

If it’s a Guest’s very first Vacay, send them a photo update an hour after drop off showing how much fun their pup is already having. Putting a nervous pet parent at ease will help build trust and loyalty.

Keep the Guests Up to Date

Guests want to know that their pups are having a great time while they’re away! It’s stressful to leave a furry loved one behind, but seeing photo updates of a happy pup will make them feel so much better.

Send updates in the Guest’s preferred method of communication (text, email, etc.) and as frequently as they asked you to.

Tell the Guest How Much Fun Their Pup Had on Vacay

At pickup, let the Guest know how much their pup loved being on Vacay with you and thank them for their business. Let them know you’ll be available for future stays and would love to watch their pup again!

Let the Guests Know About all the Services you Offer

Let your Guests know that extended boarding isn’t all you provide! Whether they’re running errands for the day and need daycare or want to go out on date night and just need a single night Vacay, let them know you can care for their pup outside of the typical holidays and weekends.

For more on these tips, and improving your Repeat Bookings...

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