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What is Pack Promoter? How is it different than Pack Leader?

What is Pack Promoter?

Pack Promoter is a referral program that allows Hosts to refer Guests to the DogVacay website. New Guests will receive a discount off of their first booking, and in some cases Hosts can even earn a referral bonus! Pack Promoter has replaced our former "Pack Leader" program.

How do I refer Guests?

It's easy! First, create a custom URL from your Host Dashboard. If you have already done this for the Pack Leader program, your URL will remain the same. Once you've created this URL, feel free to share it with everyone you know!

Which Guests are eligible for a discount? 

As long as a Guest has not yet made a reservation on the DogVacay website, they are eligible for the discount.

How is this different than Pack Leader? 

  • First, it's easier to use!
    • While Pack Promoter still utilizes a Host's custom URL, the Guest experience is much different. Your link brings them directly to your profile, where they are informed of their discount - even if they have been to the DogVacay site before.
  • There are also some changes to the bonus structure.
    • You'll find more information on this lower on this page. 

Is there still a badge? 

Yes - the "Pack Leader" badge will become the "Pack Promoter" badge. For new Pack Promoters, it may take a few business days before the badge appears on your profile.

Who should I share my referral link with?

Anyone who might be interested in finding the perfect pet sitter!

Just be sure to let them know that the discount is only valid if they have never booked with any DogVacay Host.

How will my referral know they have a discount?

When your referral first lands on your profile they'll get a pop-up that looks like this:

Once they close out of the pop-up, they'll continue to see a banner at the top of their screen:

Am I allowed to share my URL on my profile or in messages?

No. Pack Promoter is a referral program, meant for Guests who would not otherwise use the DogVacay site. Your URL should not be shared on your DogVacay profile, or in messages to DogVacay Guests who find you in search, or on coupon sites.

Can I share my URL on social media?

Yep! We've even made it easy for you to do! Check out the Pack Promoter section of your Host Dashboard.

How much is the discount? 

The discount will always be at least $10, but during special promotional periods it may be more. We'll let you know when this is the case! At the launch of the program, the discount will be $20, and the reservation value must be $40 or greater before taxes to qualify. 

Will I receive a referral bonus?

It depends. You will either get the business, or get the bonus.

  • If the referred Guest books with you, you will not receive a bonus.
    • Example: You meet someone at the dog park and give them your business card. They go directly to your profile and book with you. They get a discount, and you get their business! 
  • If the referred Guest books with another Host, you will receive the bonus.
    • Example: You live in New York, and your brother lives in California. You send your brother your custom URL and he books with a Host in California. He gets a discount, and you get a referral bonus!

How much is the bonus? 

The bonus will always be at least $10, but during special promotional periods it may be more. We'll let you know when this is the case! At the launch of the program, the bonus will be $20.

When will I receive my bonus?

  • Pack Promoter payouts are issued on the 1st business day (M-F) of every month. Bonuses are included in the payout following the end of the booking.
    • Example: Your referral books a Vacay with another Host in April. The Vacay is from May 2-May 14. You will be paid on June 1, as long as June 1 falls on a Monday-Friday.


Terms & Conditions

DogVacay Inc. reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, or modify the promotion if it is determined that technical problems or failures, actual or suspected fraud or misconduct, unauthorized intervention or other occurrences beyond DogVacay’s control have corrupted or threaten to corrupt the administration, integrity and/or security of the promotion or threaten to interfere with the proper operation of the promotion. DogVacay Inc. reserves the right to extend, modify or discontinue this offer at any time without notice.

Guests: Credit can be redeemed by a first-time Guest on any service with any Host, with a minimum reservation value of $40. Guest must enter the DogVacay website through a Pack Promoter URL to receive the credit. No adjustments will be made on prior purchases. Credit will be automatically applied at checkout. Limit one credit or coupon per customer per transaction.

Hosts: Referral reward will be paid only to Hosts for first-time bookings made with Hosts other than the original referring Host. Host referral rewards will be paid out in the currency used by the referred guest. If Guest books with the original referring Host, the Guest will still receive the credit at checkout. If Host books through his or her own Pack Promoter URL as a Guest, that Host will not receive the referral reward. No adjustments will be made on prior purchases. Host referral rewards will be paid out on the first of the month (or the first business day after the first day of the month) following the month the reservation is completed. Hosts may not share their Pack Promoter URL on their Host profiles, nor share their Pack Promoter URL to Guests who have found them in search and choose to book with them.Hosts may not share their Pack Promoter URL on coupon sites. Hosts who violate these rules may have their Pack Promoter URL deactivated.

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