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What does DogVacay do to support safety?

At DogVacay, safety is our number one priority.

To ensure that our community consists of high-quality, trusted Hosts, our Hosts undergo a 5-step vetting process which includes:

  1. A comprehensive application, which is reviewed by our highly-trained Host Community team to ensure quality and accuracy.
  2. Free background checks for Hosts.
  3. An online Host Training that includes best practices for pet care and home boarding.
  4. Additional online training courses to enhance Host's skill levels and pet knowledge.
  5. Unedited, fully transparent reviews from members of the DogVacay community.

In addition to our around-the-clock support team, our Hosts have access to an extensive Host Support Center.

Lastly, we know that accidents do happen, so your pup is protected by our Premium Insurance.


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