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What if a Host asks me to book outside of DogVacay?

Not only is asking Guests to book off-site a violation of the DogVacay Terms of Service, it also means that pets are not covered by DogVacay's insurance or protection. To ensure your pup's safety, it is very important to book through the DogVacay site.

If a Host asks you to book outside of DogVacay you should:

  • Let them know that you are only interested in booking through DogVacay.
  • Inform DogVacay that this Host asked you to do this. If the communication happens over DogVacay, by text, or by email, screenshots are always helpful. 
    • DogVacay is committed to the safety of our Guest pets. We will use this information to educate our Hosts on the importance of booking through the site.
    • Disciplinary action may be taken against repeat offenders.





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