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What do I need to know about sitting in a Guest's home?

Hosting pets can be tough in general, but Hosting in the Guest’s home has its own unique challenges. Check out these do’s and don’t’s of sitting to be sure you are asked back again and again!


  • DO get a free Background Check. It is required for our Hosts who offer Sitting (In Guest’s Home) to submit a free and confidential background check.
  • DO diversify your services. Many Guests will have different needs and it helps to be flexible as well as offer a great menu of services.
  • DO discuss what is included (and not included) in your pricing. Some Guests may consider Sitting to be a full day of check ins, while others might want you to stay overnight with the dog. Any amount of time spent at the Guest’s home or service provided should be discussed prior to the vacay so that there is no confusion.
  • DO let your Guest know ahead of time if you have any previous engagements (work meeting, party, etc) that might mean their pets are left alone.
  • DO ask pet parents for any instructions to be written down so that you can reference them for important information about food and medical, emergency contacts, and anything you need to know about their home.
  • DO communicate politely with Guests while they are away. Texts can often be misunderstood, so be clear and considerate. Send regular updates to the Guest via text or the DogVacay app!
  • DO check over the Guest’s home before leaving. Check toilets and faucets to make sure there is no running water, adjust heating/air conditioning to be sure the home is a comfortable temperature for Guest pets, and double check for any hazards that pets may get into.


  • DON’T eat everything in the Guest’s home. Only consume specified snacks/drinks that have been discussed with the Guest.
  • DON’T invite any visitors to the Guest’s home unless it has been discussed prior to the vacay.
  • DON’T go in areas of the Guest’s home that they have not permitted you to be in.
  • DON’T throw away poop bags in private trash cans. This might upset the Guest’s neighbors. Instead, ask the Guest where they typically dispose of these!
  • DON’T leave pets in a kennel or crate unless the Guest requests this.
  • DON’T take pets anywhere that has not been discussed with the Guest prior to the vacay.

And, as always...

  • DO let your Guest and DogVacay know if you have any concerns about a Guest pet, especially regarding any medical issues (even if they seem minor).

Are you a new Host and just getting started? We encourage you to check out our New Host Training Center for more details on how to be a successful DogVacay Host.



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