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What is Instant Book and how does it work for Hosts?

What is Instant Book?

Instant Book allows Guests to book with you instantly. When a Guest meets your booking requirements their Reservation Request is automatically accepted and the booking is added to your calendar.

Instant Book is compatible with services for which Guests can send Reservation Requests - currently this includes Boarding, Daycare, and Sitting.

Which Guests will be able to Instant Book with me?

You decide! You can opt-in to receive instant bookings from only new Guests, only repeat Guests, or both.

New Guests will only be able to use Instant Book if they meet your Booking Requirements, including:

  • Dog ages accepted.
  • Dog sizes accepted.
  • Dog breeds accepted.

New AND Repeat Guests will only be able to Instant Book if their reservation dates meets the "minimum notice" that you have set.

Repeat Guest Exclusions: select and maintain a list of repeat Guests that may NOT use the Instant Book feature with you even if they meet the requirements above. For example, if the pup wasn't a good fit or if you need to specifically match which dogs they can be on Vacay with due to energy level.

This can be updated in your Booking Policy section with the rest of the Instant Book settings.

Update My Booking Policy

Can I still require a Meet-n-Greet:

Yes! In addition to size, age, and breed restrictions, you can require a Meet-n-Greet as a booking requirement. If a new Guest tries to make an Instant Booking with you, they will be informed at the checkout page that you require a Meet-n-Greet prior to the reservation.

If you are unable to schedule a Meet-n-Greet, or if you decide afterwards that it isn't a good fit, the reservation can be canceled and the Guest will be refunded.

What if I want to accept a booking for a Guest that does not meet my booking requirements?

Everything remains the same for these Guests! They can still send you a General Inquiry or Reservation Request. They just won’t be able to use Instant Book.

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  1. Visit your Booking Policy Page.
  2. Scroll down to the “Instant Book” section (see below).
  3. Select whether you will allow instant bookings by choosing "Yes, enable Instant Book for Guests that I choose."
    • If you want to accept of decline each reservation, choose "No, I want to accept or decline each Reservation Request."
  4. Next, select if you want to offer Instant Book to new Guests, repeat Guests, or both. 
    • You can build an exclusion list of repeat Guests you don't want to Instant Book with you

Don't forget to click "Save" after updating your preferences!

What if I need to cancel an instant booking?

Please notify your Guest and the DogVacay team as soon as possible.

Cancellations by Hosts are taken seriously. Each Host cancellation will be reviewed by DogVacay to determine if it is subject to account review and/or removal from the Instant Book program.

We understand that emergencies happen and will review each cancellation on a case-by-case basis. 


Update My Booking Policy

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