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What are photo and video updates? Why do they matter?

Photo and video updates are a major part of the Vacay experience. In addition to simply being a requirement, updates keep a Guest at ease while they're away from their pups and highlight the amazing experience they're having. This will make them want to book with you again! 

Discuss Your Guest's Expectations

Before your Guest leave ask them:

  • How they want to receive updates (i.e. email or text).
  • How often they want to receive them.

Not receiving updates (or enough of them) can be upsetting for a Guest while they’re away. Seeing their pup having fun allows them to relax and makes it much easier to book with you in the future because they don't have to worry!

Alternatively, depending on their travel plans, some Guests may prefer fewer updates. This is why it is important to set expectations prior to the Vacay. 

Send a Photo or Video Update Shortly After Drop-Off

Guests, especially first-time Guests are almost always nervous about leaving their pup. Put them at ease by sending them a photo or a video update 15-30 minutes after drop off showing how much fun their dog is already having. You put the Guest at ease, and they’ll be grateful to know their pup is in great hands.

Get Great Photos

  • Get the lighting right. Natural light is best for showing off a pup but, if you’re indoors, avoid the flash and turn on an extra lamp or light to help make sure the pup is in focus.

Photo by Host Terry Potkay
  • Get down on the pup’s level for up close and candid photos. Get the pup’s attention by using a squeaky toy or holding a treat above your camera.
Photo by Host Sadia Caceres
  • Watch the tone and background of the photo. Does the pup look happy? Is there a ton of stuff in the background that doesn’t add to the photo?

Photo updates tell the story of a Vacay. In addition to making sure you get a clear and happy shot of the pup, you want to make sure the entire photo shows what a great experience the pup is having!

Photo by Host Allison Wibby

Take A Lot of Photos and Choose the Best Ones

Sometimes you'll try to stage the perfect photo, and a dog just won't cooperate. Other times, they do all of the work for you! Keep your camera or smartphone on hand so you can take plenty of candid photos. Then, send your Guests the ones that best highlight their pup's experience. 

Video Updates Can Be Even Better

Since the goal of photo updates is to highlight a Guest pup's experience, video updates can be even better! You can use this as an opportunity to showcase your interaction with Guest dogs, and Guest dogs playing with each other. Guests will be able to truly see how much fun their dog is having on Vacay!

Untitled from DogVacay on Vimeo.

Download the iPhone App to For Easier Updates 

You can download our mobile app for iPhone or Android to make sending photos and videos even easier. You can send multiple updates at a time, view past photo and video updates, and you can use the VacayCam to enhance your updates with cute stickers and messages. 



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