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How do I navigate the Mobile App?


Here’s everything you’ll see in the sidebar menu when you open the app, and an outline of what you can do in each section.

1. Account

Edit your profile photo or make basic edits to your profile. Settings option is now in your Account section too and you can set your text notification preferences and app appearance settings there.

2. Messages

View all your new and old messages.

3. Bookings

View the statuses of all future Vacays, Custom Quotes, Reservation Requests, and Meet & Greets.

4. Calendar

Access your Calendar quickly from the main menu. You can set your availability by date.

5. Vacays

See your past and current Vacays, and communicate with current Guests. Note, future Vacays appear under Bookings.

6. VacayCam

To top it all off, we’ve included VacayCam so you can take adorable photos of your dog and add stickers to them! Who doesn’t love a puppy in a mustache?

7. Browse

Search for other Hosts when it’s time to send your own dogs on Vacay.

8. Help

Go here to find the Symptom Checker, Tips and Tricks, FAQ, and the Separation Anxiety Identifier.




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