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Keeping Guest Dogs Safe During Holiday Celebrations

Holidays can be a stressful time for people, and dogs too! Plan ahead and follow these safety procedures to make everyone's life easier on Vacay.

Create a safe space.

Use baby gates or a separate room to create an escape free zone. This area can also serve as an area for separate feeding for food reactive dogs or as a space for nervous dogs to decompress.

Use this space to keep pups from bolting out open doors during drop off or pick up.

Don’t unleash!

NEVER take a Guest off leash in unsecure areas. All it takes is one squirrel or loud noise for a pup to bolt. Do not remove leashes until safely behind locked doors.

If a pup is nervous, keep them on leash even when in the yard. In a matter of seconds a frightened dog can dig under or jump out of what seems like a secure yard.

Avoid accidental ingestions.

Dogs will put anything in their mouth they can reach- especially human food, drinks, or chew-worthy items. It's hugely dangerous and easily preventable.  

Scan your home for pup-level dangers and pup-poisonous household items and move them out of reach. 

Prevent scuffles.

New dogs may not always end up the best of friends. There are easy things you can do to keep the peace in your home.

  • Feed pups in separate areas. Put food reactive dogs in rooms of their own
  • Watch how pups react to toys/treats/your attention
    • If they're possessive/reactive- withhold these items from the entire group to prevent reactions
  • Watch body language. If you see the things below, separate dogs
    • Extended eye contact
    • Stiff body/tail
    • Wrinkled nose
  • Break up play that is overly excited and escalating

Prepare for loud noises.

Look up your local firework shows and be prepared for your neighbors block party. Give your Guests a long walk or play session well before celebrations begin so that you can secure them safely away. 

Keep all windows and doors shut so that spooked dogs don’t have the opportunity to bolt.

Prevent dehydration and heatstroke.

Warm temperatures and play time can quickly lead to dehydrated pups. Make sure Guests have ample access to water and are drinking it regularly. Never leave pups in any area for extended periods where they don't have access to water, AC, or shade.

See the signs of a dehydrated dog here.

Separation anxiety. The first 24-48 hours.

Signs of anxiety may include crying, loss of appetite, and diarrhea. Don't worry though, it normally subsides quickly.

Take the pup on a long walk to burn the anxious energy off and check out article full of tips to help ease separation anxiety.

In case of emergency, contact DogVacay.

If a Guest is sick, gets injured or lost, call DogVacay immediately at (855) 364-8222!

We have amazing emergency support ready to provide you with the answers, tips, and help that you need in any situation.

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