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How much should I charge for my services?

As a Host, you get to decide how much you charge for your services. If you are new to the DogVacay Community and are trying to build your customer base quickly, one of the best things you can do is price yourself competitively. Before looking at your complete profile, Guests will generally take a quick glance at your price, number of reviews, and repeat Guests.

While reviews and repeat Guests will come in time based on your hard work, your price is something you can set from the start. 

  • Go to the DogVacay home page and do a search for your zip code.
  • Determine the average price for your neighborhood.
  • Price yourself lower to entice new Guests to book with you. For example, if the neighborhood average is $40, consider charging $35.
  • As your experience becomes reflected through reviews and repeat Guests, you can raise your price accordingly.
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