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5 Conversation Starters for Difficult Guest Topics

Sometimes, managing the communication with your pet parents makes watching a rambunctious puppy look easy in comparison! It’s a delicate balance of sharing important information, setting expectations, and keeping everyone’s feelings in mind which can be very difficult at times.

Keep reading for some talking points on common difficult topics you might come across as a Host, and how you can position them with your Guests.

No Dog Info in a Guest’s Request

It can be frustrating to get a request with no dog info, especially if you have specific requirements listed in your profile, but it’s important to be patient with our Guests! They may simply not understand the site or just be excited to speak to you right away.

You can copy and paste the response below into your message and just add the additional questions you would like to ask the Guest.


Thank you so much for thinking of me for your pup’s Vacay! I would love to consider being your Host, but I just need a little more information before we can move forward with the request to make sure I’m the best fit for you.

Can you please share the following information with me?

  • Question 1
  • Question 2
  • Question 3

I want to make sure you have the best possible experience with DogVacay, and once I have this information we can figure out next steps!

Politely Asking for a Review

As a Host, you put in immense effort and love into the care you provide for your Guests, and you hope that this can be reflected in a lovely review left by your Guest after the Vacay is complete. Reviews help potential Guests decide if you would be a good fit for them, which can be very impactful for your business.

It can feel awkward to bring up leaving reviews with your Guests, but you can try the verbiage below via messaging after the Vacay is complete or at pickup, to remind your Guests how much reviews help you as a Host.

I had such a great time watching PUP’SNAME, and I would love to watch them again if you ever need me! If you wouldn’t mind taking a few minutes to write a quick a review of my services when you get a chance, I would really appreciate it. When new Guests are considering a Host, reviews are one of the things that matter most to them, so they really help me as a Host.

You’ll get an email from DogVacay with a link to review me, or you can do it right from your account dashboard. Thanks so much again for your business!

Guest Regularly Picks Up Late

So you have a Guest that regularly books with you, which is great! But, they regularly pick up late, which is not great. First, you could try updating your description to include clearly set pick up and drop off hours to help set expectations with all of your Guests. If that doesn’t help, you can try the copy below when they submit their next Vacay request.


I really love caring for PUP’SNAME and enjoyed their last Vacay so much! I just noticed that the last couple of PUP’SNAME Vacays seemed to run a little over the 24 hour booking cycle  that DogVacay runs by.

Just to be sure that PUP’SNAME is covered by the premium insurance for the entire time they’re in my care in the future, if you need a later pick up, I may ask to send you a Custom Quote for a half day of daycare or if it’s a late night pickup, I may ask that your pup stay an additional night.

I hope you don’t mind this at all, I just want to make sure that your pup is covered and safe under DogVacay’s policy!

Guest Pups Does Something on Vacay that Pup Parent Should Know About

Many Guests may exhibit behaviors that their pet parents have no idea about until they go on Vacay! This is fairly normal, as many pups react differently in a new environment so their parents would have no way of knowing what to expect if they’ve never been away from them.

Obviously, sharing this type of information can be VERY sensitive and should be approached in a gentle manner so as not to offend the Guest. You can try positioning the feedback in the manner below.


PUP’SNAME Vacay went great, and I hope they had fun! I would definitely love to watch them again, but I just wanted to share a little feedback with you about PUP’SNAME in case you need to book with me (or another Host) in the future. Sometimes, when a pup is in an unfamiliar environment they can show new behaviors, which is pretty normal because they may be nervous or scare while they’re away from you!

While PUP’SNAME was here, he/she INSERTBEHAVIORHERE, and I just wanted to let you know so you were aware for future Vacay requests. I really enjoyed caring for PUP’SNAME, but wanted to update you so you were aware.

I would be happy to care for him/her in the future, and thank you so much for your business!

How to Ask a Pup Parent for Pet Care Tips During the Vacay

If you’ve got a pup in your care and the Vacay is not going so smoothly, it’s ok to ask for advice. No one knows the pup better than their parent, and they may have tips to help ease the challenges you’re experiencing.

Hi GUESTNAME. I’m so sorry to interrupt your time away, but I was hoping you could provide some tips for me for PUP’SNAME. HE/SHE is doing great, but they’re experiencing INSERTBEHAVIORHERE, and I want to be sure they have the best possible Vacay so I was hoping you had some pointers on how I can help alleviate this behavior.

I’ll continue to work with them to make sure they have a great time, and keep you updated so you don’t worry! Thanks again for your help, and I hope you have a wonderful trip!

Please note, if the pup parent is unreachable, or has specifically asked not to be contacted, our DogVacay staff is incredibly knowledgeable and available 7 days a week to support you with helpful Hosting tips!

In closing, please remember that we always want our Guests to have the best possible experience with DogVacay so it’s of the utmost importance to be gentle and sensitive when communicating with them!

If you’re upset, or not sure how to handle a specific situation, it’s best to not address it in the moment. Let us know if you need support!

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