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How to Get Your Host Profile Approved

There are a few steps that must be completed for DogVacay to review your submitted Host profile. At DogVacay, we have a dedicated team that individually review each Host profile on a case by case basis. All of our applicants must complete a comprehensive profile to become a Host. Applicants are required meet quality standards and agree to our Terms of Service prior to being approved and listed on

We take pride in adding new members to our Host community who understand the responsibility of caring for a Guest dog and will also provide a high level of care for each new Guest.

Once you've completed these steps, a member of our team will review your profile and message you for any additional/ missing information to proceed with our review.

You must have the following to be reviewed for approval:

  • Name- full first and last name.
  • Address- complete address including apartment number if applicable.
  • Profile Photo- clearly showing your face.
  • Listing Photos- 3 interior photos of your home.
  • Description- covering your pet care experience, what a Vacay with you will be like, and any expectations you have for your Guests. 

To get your profile ready for review, follow these steps:

  • Log into your account here.
  • Check your "Messages" tab for instructions on what your profile is missing.
  • Click on "Profile" or "Complete My Profile" to start editing.


You have to provide the following information in order to be approved:

Contact Info

  • Complete contact info, including apartment number is required. We won't release any contact info until you're ready- and only to the Guests you select!
  • By opting into text we can let you know Guests are trying to book with you, and you can respond directly to those Guests via text.



  • This information helps us understand you as a Host, but you still need to go update your calendar. Update it here.


Resident Dogs

  • If you have one, they must have a profile with a photo.



  • A description is a great way to tell Guests about your pet care experience, and share your expectations as a Host so they can evaluate if you're a fit for them.
  • Break it into short, easy-to-read chunks.
  • Things to write about:
    • Your pet care or pet ownership experience
    • What your home environment is like on Vacay
    • Any expectations you have such as drop off/pick up hours



Profile Photo

  • Should clearly show your face, up close and smiling.
  • Avoid hats or sunglasses.

Main Photo

  • Should convey the warmth and fun of being on Vacay at your home.

Listing Photos

  • At least 3 interior photos of your home- but don't limit yourself!
  • Check out our tips on the 10 photos Guests want to see here.


Finally, don't forget to click "Submit Your Profile for Review."


Once you've provided this information our Host team can review your profile for approval. Please check your email for updates!

All Hosts that have been approved to list on DogVacay can then get their free of charge background check, attend various online trainings on pet care, and will receive access to other training materials to prepare you to be a successful pet care provider. 

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