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What are the numbers on my Dashboard, and why are they important?

Here at DogVacay, we want all of our Hosts to be as successful as they can possibly be! In an effort to help you understand your performance as a host, you have visibility to three key metrics on your dashboard: Booking Rate, Repeat Bookings, and Average Response Time.

Booking Rate

Booking Rate is the percentage of first-time Guests who book with you after contacting you.

It's a reflection of how well DogVacay is matching you with new Guests, and how well you engage with them. This directly impacts your visibility in search.

To maintain a healthy Booking Rate, do these simple things:

  • Update your Booking Policy preferences for accepted sizes, accepted ages, and breed, spay + neuter, and vaccination exclusions. 
  • Set your availability and update it weekly to prevent inquiries you can't accept due to an inaccurate calendar.
  • Respond quickly and accept the matches that are a good fit for you — when you're available for Hosting.

To learn more about Booking Rate, visit our Host Success Center.

Repeat Bookings  

Repeat Bookings is the number of bookings you've had with Repeat Guests over the last four months (multiple bookings from the same Guest will count more than once).

Guests will see a Repeat Guest number on your profile and in search results. This number reflects your total unique Repeat Guests. A Guest becomes a Repeat Guest upon their second Vacay completion.

To drive repeat bookings:

  • Provide 5 Star quality stays- Follow all care instructions, send as many photo updates as requested, and be communicative with the Guest throughout the stay.
  • Follow up- Thank the Guest for their business after the Vacay and let them know you would welcome them back.
  • Additional services- Let the Guest know what additional services they can book you for!
  • Peak season- Remind Guests to book early for busy holidays.

For additional tips on growing your repeat business, visit our Host Success Center.

Average Response Time  

Average Response Time is the time it has taken you to respond to the last five first-time Guest messages you have received.

Hosts that respond in under 30 minutes double the chance that a Guest books with them! It's required that you respond within 24 hours.

Responding quickly will improve your Booking Rate, which is directly related to your visibility in search.

Download the app and make sure you are opted into text notifications so that you are notified right away if someone has contacted you so you can respond in a timely manner! 

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