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DogVacay Safety Policies

Booking Obligations

  • Guests must book through DogVacay for their first and all repeat reservations.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all first time and returning customers book through DogVacay.
  • Bookings must be accepted prior to drop-off to ensure coverage and payment.
  • Bookings made outside of DogVacay are not covered by DogVacay’s protection plan.
  • Accepting cash will result in immediate suspension from the site.

Authorized/Covered Care Providers

  • Only those listed on the main account (your name shows in search results and your contact info is released to Guests) are authorized to be primary caregivers for Guest dogs.
    • You may not leave Guests alone with other family members or household members during their stay. 
  • Guest dogs may not be walked or transported (while on Vacay) by anyone other than the primary account holder and requires Guest permission prior to stay.

Minors Providing Services

  • Our Protection Policy does not cover services provided by minors.
  • Minors cannot independently provide care or services (including walking) to Guest pets.

In-Home and Backyard Supervision

  • Make sure to "dog-proof" your home and prepare your family for the added responsibilities of Hosting.
    • Keep your counters clear as well, as some dogs will "counter surf" for food or other interesting objects!
  • Ask the pet parent about any potentially destructive or aggressive behaviors and if the pup has separation anxiety.
    • Host property damage and human injuries are not covered by our Protection Policy.
  • Bolting tendencies are common; be very careful as you open and close your door, and be sure to remind your human visitors as well.
    • If a dog appears to be anxious, keep them in a separated area or on leash as people are coming and going.
  • Guests must be made aware of any resident and/or Guest pets in your home before a Reservation begins.
  • Guest pets should be well-supervised, and never left alone with other pets or with children.
  • Guest pets may only be crated with the explicit permission of the Guest.
    • The duration and frequency of crating should also be discussed with the Guest prior to the Vacay beginning.
  • Guest pets should spend most of their time indoors, and all outdoor play should be supervised.
    • Use of dog doors should be monitored, and they must be locked when you leave the home.
  • Supervised swimming is allowed only with a Guest’s explicit permission, and Guest pets must never be allowed unsupervised near swimming pools (including wading pools) or yard ponds.

Walks & Dog Parks

  • Guest dogs must never be allowed off-leash in unenclosed areas.
  • The only time a Guest dog should be allowed off leash is if they are indoors or in a properly fenced yard or play area.
  • Pay very close attention to behavioral cues as other people and dogs approach. Some dogs are aggressive while on leash.
  • Visits to dog parks are allowed only with a Guest’s explicit permission.
    • Be sure to discuss behaviors such as interactions with other dogs, tendencies to bolt, and responsiveness to being called.

Destructive Behaviors & Separation Anxiety:

In response to experiencing separation anxiety, some dogs may start acting disruptive or destructive, especially when left alone. Other signs include:

  • Urinating, marking and defecating indoors
  • Howling
  • Chewing
  • Pacing or trying to escape from the house or yard

Having a difficult time with some of your Guest pup's behaviors? Check out our article on separation anxiety!

Aggressive Behaviors & Stress:

When stressed, some dogs can exhibit aggressive behaviors, especially towards other pups. Four situations to look for are:

  • Dog introductions - keep them short and neutral
  • Food fights - watch for food reactivity and give dogs plenty of space to eat
  • Hoarding - remove guarded resources (toys, bed, etc.) and separate the pups involved
  • Rough play - keep an eye on body language and give the pups a break, if needed

Want more tips about how to recognize and de-escalate stressed dog behaviors? Check out our support article!

Additional Reminders

  • See our full Protection Policy coverage here.
  • Contact DogVacay immediately if you think you may need to seek veterinary attention, or in any other emergency.
  • Our Trust & Safety team is on-call 24/7 to offer their support.
  • We can be reached at 855-364-8222.


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