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How does DogVacay's medical coverage work?

At DogVacay, we are committed to the health and safety of both our Guest pets as well as our Hosts' resident pets! For this reason, we offer medical coverage to both parties for illness and injury that happen as a result of a Vacay booked through the DogVacay site.

  • This coverage includes up to $25,000 per incident for Guest pets and $5,000 per incident for Host pets.
  • There is a $250 out of pocket expense for the owner of the affected pet.
  • There are some exclusions, such as pre-existing and hereditary conditions. For further details, click here.

If you think you may need to visit the vet, give us a call at 855-364-8222.

  • Our Trust & Safety team is on-call 24/7 to support you and offer additional information.

Unfortunately, personal property and human injury are not covered, so make sure to "dog-proof" your home and prepare your family for the added responsibilities of Hosting.


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