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Earn Badges And Credibility!

Badges and credentials not only add credibility to your DogVacay profile, but also rank you higher in search results and get you more customers. Here is a list of badges/credentials that are currently available:

DogVacay University 101 and 102 — get them here!

Web Training Badge - great for new Hosts; learn more here!

Background Checked Badge — get it here!

Repeat Guest Badge — earn it by providing such an amazing Vacay that Guests book with you again. 

Pack Promoter Badge — get it here!

Online Now Badge — earn it by maintaining a response time under 15 minutes. The badge appears automatically in search results and on your profile and only between 8am and 9pm local time. This lets Guests know that you respond quickly.

Facebook Connected Badge — on your Dashboard click on your name in the top right corner, then select "Account" from the drop-down menu. Click the blue "Connect with Facebook" button. If the email address you use for DogVacay is not the same as your Facebook email, you'll have to update the DogVacay email address to match your Facebook email.

For a detailed breakdown of each one, and instructions on how to acquire them, check out our helpful blog post.  

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