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What is a Meet-n-Greet request?

A Meet-n-Greet request allows pet parents to meet a potential Host to see if there is a good fit. Guests will propose 1–2 potential dates for the Meet-n-Greet. You have the option to accept a date or suggest a new date if neither of the proposed ones works with your schedule. If you don't feel comfortable inviting the Guest to your home, you can suggest meeting at a nearby park, coffee shop or other public location that allows dogs. If you're unavailable to fulfill the Meet-n-Greet, be sure to decline it as soon as possible so the Guest has time to search for another Host.

Every Guest has the right to a Meet-n-Greet prior to the Reservation start date for a first-time booking. Should either you or the Guest decide after the Meet-n-Greet that the environment is not the best fit, the policy is waived and the Guest will be given a full refund.

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