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How do I pay, and how is my payment information stored?

1. What methods of payment does DogVacay accept?
  • DogVacay accepts all major credit and debit cards with United States or Canadian billing addresses.
    • This includes American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover cards.
  • You can pay for DogVacay services using DogVacay gift cards, available from the DogVacay Store!
    • Note: You will still need to have one of the above payment methods on file.
  • You can now pay for DogVacay services using ApplePay on your iPhone.
  • Paypal
  • DogVacay does not accept pre-paid or virtual debit cards. We also do not accept international credit cards.
    • Reservations booked with these sort of cards are subject to cancellation due to non-payment. 
2. How does DogVacay store credit card information?
  • DogVacay will save the credit card information you attach to your reservation request to your account for the duration of that reservation.
  • Credit card information associated with any pending reservation requests will be stored until the resolution of said requests. 
  • After the completion of a reservation credit card data can be removed completely from the site.
3. What are authorization charges?
  • When you submit a reservation request, we’ll place a $1.00 authorization on the payment method attached to the reservation request. This is done to verify that the card information provided is attached to a valid credit card.
  • These $1.00 charges will never be actually drawn from your account.
  • We will only ever settle a charge to your card in the event that a Host accepts your Reservation Request or you accept a Host's Custom Quote.
    • In these instances we will bill in the full amount in one transaction.


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