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What Should I Bring When I Drop Off My Dog?

We highly encourage you to fill out our Vacay Discussion Guide prior to Vacay, which covers a number of important topics, and bring it with you upon drop-off to ensure your Host has all contact info and other vital information which will help make sure the Vacay goes as smoothly as possible!

In addition, it very important to bring is enough dog food for the entire trip, as switching  foods can be tough on your pup's tummy. You should also make sure to bring your pup’s leash, collar, water and food bowls, and any medicine or special instructions that your Host might need. You may also want to bring your pet's bed or an old shirt or blanket that smells like you. If there's a toy that your puppy really loves, it's probably better to leave it at home so it doesn't become community property.

DogVacay is proud to offer a kennel-free in-home experience, but we want your dog to be comfortable in their new environment! If your dog prefers a crate, please let your Host know that you'll be bringing it along!

To find more tips on how to prepare for your pup's Vacay, please feel free to check out our helpful blog.

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