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Can I Watch Dogs In Other People’s Homes?

Absolutely! When you complete your Host profile, under the Services You Offer section, select Sitting (At Clients' Home). This will alert Guests who are looking for care within their own home, that you provide Sitting services.

On your Host profile under the Photos section, please make sure to include a minimum of 3 photos that you've taken related to pet care. We encourage you to also include a description of what a typical vacay experience with you would include with example activities and a schedule. Including a great description and photos of local parks, fun activities and/or previous clients will encourage potential Guests to book with you!

Once your Host profile has been approved, you must pass a background check before Guests can book with you. The background check is free and confidential. If you are already an approved Host who offers Sitting services, click here to get your background check today.

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