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Why is it important to keep my Calendar up to date? How do I do it?

Keeping your calendar up-to-date is one of the most important responsibilities you have as a DogVacay Host.

An up-to-date calendar means a better Guest experience:

  • Guests will be able to quickly find and book with you when you are available for the dates that they need.
  • Fewer unwanted inquiries during times that you are not available. This improves your Booking Rate.
  • Less risk of a Host-initiated cancellation. As a Host, cancelling on Guests negatively impacts your search visibility. 

Weekly Task: Update Calendar

Guests will be able to see when you last updated your calendar, and tend to look for Hosts who have most recently updated.

Each and every week, take a moment to update your calendar with any days that you will be unavailable. If your availability remains the same, be sure to mark that your calendar is "Up To Date."

There are two places where you can do this:

1. From your Host Dashboard.

  • Click the "Change My Availability" button, and you will be able to switch between "Available" and "Unavailable" for a range of dates. 
  • Click the "Mark Calendar as Up to Date" button on those weeks when your availability has not changed.

2. From your "Calendar" page.

  • Click on each individual day to toggle that day between "Available" and "Unavailable." 

Click the "My Calendar is Up to Date" button on those weeks when your availability has not changed.

Weekly Task: Opt-In for Weekends

Confirmed availability is a way for Hosts to highlight themselves in search whenever they are available for the coming weekend. Hosts who opt into confirmed availability see up to a 20% spike in contacts.

Here's How It Works:

  1. Look for the pop-up on your Dashboard, or click the “Confirm Your Availability” button on your Calendar page.
  2. Available this weekend? Opt in today - and at the start of every week that you have room on the following Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. 
  3. We’ll add a banner to your listing in our search results, so Guests can easily see that you’re available.

Click here to learn more.

Make this a part of your weekly routine for added business on the weekends!

Going away? Hide Yourself.

Going out of town? Have commitments that will prevent you from watching pups for a while?

You can completely hide yourself from search results from the "Calendar" tab of your Dashboard.

App Users: You can also update your calendar from the DogVacay iOS and Android apps!


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